It is important to us to create jewellery that is not only beautiful and unique but crafted using the most sustainable practices.  We use only the finest ethical materials and solid precious metals to make pieces of the highest quality craftsmanship that truly stand the test of time. Our pieces are all handcrafted to order and made in-house at our Cotswolds studio where we use a renewable energy supplier.

Fairtrade gold

Using Fairtrade gold means strict requirements are in place which protect small scale miners in their working conditions.  These include health and safety, the handling of chemicals, women's rights, child labour, fair pay as well as the protection of the environment - water sources and forests. You can read more about why we use Fairtrade gold instead of recycled gold here.


Our diamonds

For us transparency and education is absolutely necessary in providing our clients with ethical options from which to choose when selecting a diamond. Primarily we source natural diamonds from Canada but for clients looking to avoid the process of mining all together we do also offer the option of carbon neutral lab grown diamonds in some of our pieces. Our natural Canadian diamonds are sourced through the Canadamark programme, these diamonds are conflict free, responsibly mined and fully traceable from the mine origin with just three steps from mine to cutter/polisher and then straight to us. We source most of our diamonds through this programme.  We can also source natural diamonds from Ocean Diamonds.  These diamonds are entirely traceable natural marine diamonds, responsibly sourced by professional divers who hand collect the stones from the seabed off the west coast of South Africa. We source all of our rough diamonds here as well as offering our clients the option of these as cut diamonds. Finally, we do also offer our clients the option of a lab grown alternative in some of our pieces.  Sourced from the Diamond Foundry using 100% renewable energy these diamonds are made in America's Pacific West, hydropowered by the Columbia River.


The paper in all of our packaging is recycled and recyclable and our main packaging boxes are made from disposable coffee cups.  We also offer individually hand carved wooden jewellery boxes for some of our fine jewellery.