Sustainable Jewellery

From a past in shark research and marine conservation as well as a passion for the environment designers, Christopher James and Antonia Pascale, are determined to ensure that Pascale James is the most sustainable and ethical business it can be.

Crafting jewellery using recycled sterling silver helps to minimise the environmental and social costs of mining. Using recycled and recyclable packaging minimises oil, water and landfill usage.

We will always re-evaluate our manufacturing chain to try and ensure that we achieve the very best environmental standards. 

Inspired by Nature

When designing, Antonia Pascale and Christopher James look to their experiences within nature, art and their wider environment before carving a story of what they have seen. Texture and an exploration into what can be achieved within the boundaries of the metal is a theme that runs throughout each collection. 

Their most recent collection The Water Series looks to the ocean and its flows and fluctuations - from deep folds in rough water to the light and foamy spray of a crashing wave and finally to the effortlessly smooth and glossy ripples in a flat, calm pool.


Sustainably crafted by hand in London using only recycled or Fairtrade solid precious metals, Pascale James is a contemporary brand with a distinct sculptural and textured aesthetic. 

Designers, Antonia Pascale and Christopher James use a variety of both traditional and modern techniques, from carving wax to manipulating molten metal, each piece is a true labour of love. 


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Bespoke Jewellery

From sourcing diamonds and gemstones through to studying textures and finishes - each piece is a collaboration between client and designer, embodying the true meaning of bespoke.