Orange Peel Objet


Handcrafted in our London studio using traditional techniques, our Objets d'Art are mini sculptures for the home. Cast in bronze, each object is also available in Silver or Gold plate.

Weight: 102.5 g 


Every piece is made to order and sustainably crafted by hand in our London studio. Please allow 5-7 days for us to create your piece.

Within United Kingdom | Delivery 1-2 working days:

Orders up to £60: Delivery £4.40 | Orders between £60-£150: Delivery £6.95 | Orders over £150: Delivery FREE

Worldwide | Delivery 5-7 working days:

Orders up to £60: Delivery £4.40 | Orders between £60-£250: Delivery £6.95 | Orders over £250: Delivery FREE


“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
C.S. Lewis

It began with discarded orange peel - a strip of dappled waste skin seemingly worthless at first glance but there was something in the intricately spotted texture. What if we could re-configure the journey of this seemingly worthless strip of peel and find beauty in the mundane - something so simple as orange peel.

Re-imagine allowed us to begin a conversation through our designs - how do we interact with our planet in the everyday and what is our treatment of the resources within it? What is our perception of desirable and what happens to that which we deem not? A spotless and untouched ripening lemon hanging on a tree branch in its natural environment cuts to veiny orange segments, maze-like figs and succulent cherries bitten away at - fruit ready to devour. And what’s left is decay: spiralled peel unravelled from its centre, slices of lemon dried out it in the sun and pear ripped from its core along with a discarded stalk.

Re-imagine a new conscious, a new ending.

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