Tiny Moon Earrings 18ct Fairtrade Gold


Textured 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold moon stud earrings.

Diameter of moon: 1.1 cm
Material: 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold

A symbol of feminine energy and our closest celestial neighbour, the Moon is seen to offer us her universal energy and wisdom.  With her ever changing cycles, she is a constant reminder of the circle of life and her energy ensures that we continue to grow and learn. The Full Moon is a symbol of fullness, endings and letting go. It is a time of opportunity to cleanse and release that which does not serve us, to be guided by our own inner creativity and manifest new intentions.

This collection is a celebration of the beauty of feminine energy, of the cycles we live and move through, the experiences we endure all which teach and mould us as beings.

Every handcrafted moon is entirely individual, possessing its own nuances just like you, it is therefore entirely unique to you.


Every piece is made to order and crafted by hand in our Cotswolds studio. Please allow up to 30 working days for us to create your piece.

Within United Kingdom | Delivery 1-2 working days:

Delivery £6.95

Europe & Worldwide | Delivery 5-7 working days:

Delivery £14.95