The Water Series Chain Necklace Recycled Sterling Silver


Recycled Sterling Silver chain with intricately woven links. Every piece within The Water Series is crafted by hand. 

Material: Recycled solid Sterling Silver


Every piece is made to order and sustainably crafted by hand in our London studio. Please allow 7-10 days for us to create your piece.

Within United Kingdom | Delivery 1-2 working days:

Orders up to £60: Delivery £4.40 | Orders between £60-£150: Delivery £6.95 | Orders over £150: Delivery FREE

Worldwide | Delivery 5-7 working days:

Orders up to £60: Delivery £4.40 | Orders between £60-£250: Delivery £6.95 | Orders over £250: Delivery FREE



The Water Series began with some old photography taken by Christopher James in the Bahamas. An organic shape in part of a wave stood out to the designers as a concept to work from and so they began exploring the dynamic nature of water, focusing on capturing it in motion and mimicking these shapes in wax.

The collection focuses on three stages. It is a series that follows the movement of water like a journey, bringing to life the flows and fluctuations - from deep folds in rough water to the light and foamy spray of a crashing wave and finally to the effortlessly smooth and glossy ripples in a flat, calm pool. The detail on the surface of each piece mimics the intricacy of the particular strand of water in focus and the pair chose to add to this detail by creating layers on the surface of the metal, beginning initially by sandblasting the surface before polishing sections. The designers use the finish of the metal to draw attention to the depth and complexity of their focus.

The three stages come to life in abstract shapes - splashes that form earrings and rings, like water leaping in multiple directions from the body; bangles, cuffs and pendants sit neatly in their place but gently and subtly catch the eye with their effortless gloss and fluidity.

They claim these whispers hold a message, each ear hears different music but the same call hunts the senses [...] The future begs your listening.Dan Crockett

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