The Large Rose Whirl Pendant 18ct Fairtrade Gold


Observing unique patterns in nature, this pendant is designed to resemble the shape of a rose as endless swirls of water group together. Hand carved in 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, it is textured beneath layers of polished gold swirls. This pendant is created using the ancient tradition of lost wax casting; initially sculpted in wax, it is then cast before being hand-finished. 

Weight: 18 g

Material: 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold


Every piece is made to order and crafted by hand in our London studio. Please allow up to 30 working days for us to create your piece.

Within United Kingdom | Delivery 1-2 working days:

Delivery £6.95

Europe & Worldwide | Delivery 5-7 working days:

Delivery £14.95

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