Komorebi 18ct Fairtrade Gold Ring with Diamonds


Classically mimicking nature, 18ct Fairtrade Gold ring with discreet Canadian diamonds abstractly scattered across the surface resembling the trickle of sunbeams. Every piece is organically crafted by hand in our Battersea studio.  

Material: 18ct Fairtrade Gold with Canadian sourced diamonds

kO-mO-'re-bE a new fine collection in 18ct Fairtrade Gold and ethically sourced diamonds || Sunbeams as they trickle and flow through knots, twists and entwined branches of age old trees. Nature. Warmth and light meandering through life's obstacles, reaching out with a gentle touch. It is a language of oneness and union - that we are one in and of Nature. Language allows us to share, to connect, to be one and yet, it evades us. And so we borrow and share meaning through another language - KOMOREBI.

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