Orogenesis Cuff Large Recycled Sterling Silver


Stunningly unique and textured recycled sterling silver cuff. Every piece within the Orogenesis collection is organically crafted by hand and each and every cuff is entirely individual, possessing its own nuances. The Orogenesis Cuff range - made in four lengths - are all striking, statement pieces. This large size (height 6.2 cm), is best worn individually.

Weight: 110 g

Material: recycled sterling silver


Life is texture.  It is fractured and raw.  Just like nature it meanders in a myriad of directions leaving behind a unique tapestry of mountains we have built, moved and endured. 

Orogenesis is an exploration of texture, freedom and tactility. Each piece is organic in its essence, mimicking both landscape and nature in the world around us.

The process of creation involves taking the metal through extremes of temperature to reveal signature cuffs and rings that fault and fold like life's mountains.  Entirely unique and distinct, no two pieces are ever the same.


Every piece is made to order and crafted by hand in our Cotswolds studio. Please allow 10-15 working days for us to create your piece.

Within United Kingdom | Delivery 1-2 working days:

Delivery £6.95

Europe & Worldwide | Delivery 5-7 working days:

Delivery £14.95

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